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The European/English Cream Golden 
The golden retriever was originally bred in Scotland, in 1868.  So all goldens have started with European bloodlines.  There has always been a range of colors acceptable by AKC.  Over the years over breeding and irresponsible breeding has threatened the future of our beautiful golden retrievers.  We have bred a line who has recent foundations in Europe and of course healthy bloodlines.  By doing this, we strive to have exceptional quality goldens that are healthy, great tempered as well as profound aesthetic characteristics.  The coloring of the puppies will be light in color, as these lines have been bred to be a light gold to white.  
Updated 6/22/20
English Cream Litter due in July.
Ruger and Ivory

Their litter will shortly follow Sedona's.  I can't wait to see these pups!  Ruger, is one of the best looking male creams I've ever seen!  Ivory, has turned out lovely as well! Both are so very sweet!
American Litter
due in July.
Winston and Sedona.
Another winning litter expected.  We should have nice coloring and conformation with these pups.  Parents are always happy and love to give big kisses!

The American Golden
When I refer to an American golden, it's a line that has been bred for several generations with other goldens from America.  There coloring can vary from a dark red to a creamy gold. (not light/white)  They can have both field and show in their blood lines.  The American golden is typically a little taller and less stocky then what is bred to be called an "English or European" golden.  However as a breeder I look to breed a nicely boned American with a good square head.  Some will say that an American golden is more "hyper" than an English.  My experience in having both American and English, is that there isn't a great deal of difference in their temperament.  I strive to breed parents that do not show those extreme high energy, "hyper" tendencies in ALL of our goldens.